Two Stage Piston Air Compressor

Heavy Duty Two Stage Piston Air Compressor ready in stock to exporter all over the World

For proper and good selection of air compressor kindly provide us following data.

  • Your Application
  • Max. Working pressureof your application
  • Max. air consumption of each machine in cfm or in liter/min or in m3/min or in m3/hr

Two Stage Air compressor are designed for generate max.pressure10.5 Kg/cm2 or 150 psig
This air compressor will give you high pressure air to cater all pneumatic applications
Two Stage Piston Air Compressor are available from 2 HP to 20 HP.

Two stage air compressor will give you air flow 7.46 cfm to 98.19 cfm

Utiization of two stage or high pressure piston air compressor follows.

  • Textile Industries – Pneumatic operations in spinning,weaving & processing Ind.
  • Pharmaceutical Industriies – Blister Packing machines,Tablet & Capsule Coating , ALU-VALU machines
  • Dairy Industries – FFS machines
  • Automobile Industries – Automobile Workshop, Cold & Hot Tyre Remoulding
  • Ginning Industries –
  • Plastic Industries – Injection Moulding machine
  • Engineerig Industries – Cleaning & for all pneumatic operation
  • Sand Blasting & Shot blasting machines
  • Chemical Industries – Spray Dryes & Pneumatic Diaphram Operated pump
  • Oil Rig Exploration

Technical Specification

Modelpiston DIsplacement

Max. Pressure

No .of cyl.Air Receiver
PE 30T7.46                 12.6410.5               1502.02 92/150
PE 30T9.79                16.5912.3              1753.02150
PE 50T17.32              29.3512.3             1755.02200
PE 75T26.40              44.7412.3             1757.52225
PE100T35.00              59.3212.3             17510.02300
PE150T44.00              74.6010.5            15010.02300
PE150T49.50              83.9012.3             17512.52300
PE150T55.00             93.2012.3             17515.02300
PE200T68.16             115.5312.3             17515.03300/500
PE200T81.8                138.6412.3             17520.03500
PE300T87.28              147.9312.3             17520.03500
PE300T98.19              166.4212.3             17525.03500


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